Wow your customers as though they're in Disney World

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As an Edtech software as a service (SaaS) business your customer acquisition, onboarding and ongoing engagement are crucial to your success. A smooth onboarding process will delight schools and get them ready for the next stage. They’ll feel confident they’re being supported by experts who know what they’re doing. Furthermore those first few steps they take with you will stay with them forever and they’ll recommend you to others.

Get it wrong and well….

Understanding your customer journey is key to ensuring a great experience and can have a significant impact on conversion from lead to customer, customer to advocate and ongoing retention.

A broken weblink on your website, a submission form that gets filled in with no response will leave your potential customer thinking you don’t really care or don’t pay attention to the details. A contact form that you respond to a couple of days later will almost certainly mean your potential customer has long since moved on, they either found someone who could help them straight away or they’ve now lost interest.

You need to record and review in detail every step your potential customer has to go through to get a free trial setup and understanding your customer / target audience is also key.

I worked with an Edtech startup who had identified that their target audience was likely to be less confident with technology. Their setup process involved:

· registering on a website

· downloading a mobile app

· accessing a ‘paring code’ on the website to enter into the app

· creating users manually

Less than 20% of free trial sign ups ever completed the process and only 20% of those converted to customers. They were aware that most never completed a key step in the user experience to understand functionality but hadn’t put anything in place to do anything about it.

It’s useful to think about:

Once you’ve listed all of your steps, think about what are your potential customers doing, if you’ve got a clearly defined ‘persona’ for your target audience you’ll be able to empathise with what they’re thinking as they go on your journey. It’s important to map on feelings at key stages / moments in the journey. Think about how you delight and make a lasting impression.

Disney are masters at customer service, they link and track data to inform their business but they also use it to delight. We once went on a family trip to Disneyworld, we got the coach from Orlando airport to our Disney hotel, as my 3 year old son stepped down off the coach, the Disney employee (Cast Member) welcomed him to Disneyworld by name. That created a lasting memory and ‘wow’ moment we still refer to 5 years later.

They used the data they knew about the people on the coach, the hotels they were going to, passed it to the hotel staff – so that her iPad knew that on the coach, due to arrive at 9pm was a family of 3, with a 3 year old boy and they had all of our names.

You can use knowledge of your customer, the journey they go on, key data about them and actions they take within your software to provide personalised moments. Get it right and you’ll create ‘wow’ moments that will turn customers in advocates.

Contact me to get started on mapping and improving your customer journey, improve your conversion rates, create long lasting happy customers.

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