Improve reading and writing with Learning Tools inside Microsoft 365

Working with school senior leaders and teachers is a privilege and it’s always thrilling to help them make more of the technology they already use. What school doesn’t love being shown an amazing tool / feature that could save them time, improve student learning and is FREE?

I work with schools everyday on using Teams, collaborating in Word, making video’s with Flipgrid, hybrid learning content with Sway – but the one feature within Microsoft 365 I love showing teachers and is a little hidden gem, is Immersive Reader.

Immersive Reader is within Learning Tools as part of Microsoft 365 and was developed to specifically support teachers and learners with reading and writing. Backed up with research on supporting learners with specific needs, it supports text decoding, provides a picture dictionary and enables students to access text with a different colour and background.

Teachers love using Immersive Reader as part of whole class work to look at grammar or parts of speech. Challenge students to identify the nouns in a piece of text and with one click use Immersive Reader to reveal them.

Immersive Reader enables learners to hear their work being read aloud. This helps them to spot errors in their writing, check meaning and sense and also gives them a sense of pride in their writing. If they’re less confident writers or keyboard users, use dictation to help them get their work ‘on paper’.

Another great feature is the translation tool – great to support learners who are new to English, enables them to access text in their own language. Use it to support your foreign language teaching – students can write a sentence in English and have it translated and read aloud in a range of other languages.

If you haven’t seen Immersive Reader, you’re missing out! Join me for a FREE webinar and I’ll show you where to find it, how to use it and give you ideas to go back into class tomorrow and use straight away for FREE.

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