Transform your governing body

Make your governors more effective and make more effective use of meeting time. Are your governors meetings bogged down in ‘operational’ activities such as reviewing and agreeing policies? How much time do you really spend being that ‘critical friend’ or reviewing progress against the school development plan?


Let’s transform your governing body for the 21st Century, make them more effective and spend less time doing it.



  • We’ll look at how technology can support communication & collaboration outside of formal meetings

  • Set an expectation that all documents are read and commented on before the meeting

  • Move less important conversations / discussions out of the meeting

  • Focus your meetings on the things that make a difference and add value



What we’ll do:


  • Review of IT systems and processes for sharing and communicating

  • Agree action plan for consistent systems (email, document sharing etc)

  • Deliver governor training online that covers:

    • Creating an interactive agenda with linked documents

    • Commenting on a shared document – asking questions of individuals; collating responses in one place

    • Online discussions – move topics online

    • Vote / agree electronically

    • Managing virtual / online meetings


The outcome:

  • Governors more connected and working as a group throughout the year

  • Increased effectiveness of governors

  • Improved efficiency in governor meetings

  • Reduced meeting times

  • Move operational discussions and processes out of the meeting

  • Meeting time focussed on key activities