Developing an e-learning strategy

Remote / Online learning shouldn’t just be a response to a crisis or extended school closure. Creating a culture that embeds e-learning into your curriculum can:

  • Embed technology within the curriculum

  • Enhance learning beyond the classroom

  • Build relationships between home & school

  • Involve parents more in their child’s learning

  • Develop learners with key life skills


Have you bought tablet devices to enhance your provision but not making the most of them?

Does your curriculum need a refresh to embed e-learning?

Does your IT strategy and development plan need reviewing to meet the needs of your refreshed curriculum?


Let’s create an e-learning school that’s able to respond effectively and quickly to changes in circumstances. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need and caused extended periods of school closure. But how many times does your school close because of bad weather, boiler failure, leaking pipes or flooding?


Are you equipped with a curriculum, a culture, an expectation ‘that nothing phases us’ and you’re able to continue to deliver high quality teaching and learning, assess pupil progress and value learning where ever it takes place?


Embedding a culture of e-learning within your curriculum helps develop 21st century skills and prepare your students for later life. 













What I can do:

  • Review your current curriculum and e-learning use

  • Review your IT strategy

  • Work with you to create a new vision and strategy for e-learning and IT that takes on board the views of all stakeholders

  • Review current technology skills and create a ‘Teachers technology skills development programme’

  • Model online teaching approaches and activities

  • Team teaching online lessons