Customer Journey mapping

As an edtech software as a service (SaaS) business your customer acquisition, onboarding and ongoing engagement are crucial to your success. A smooth onboarding process will delight schools and get them ready for the next stage. They’ll feel confident they’re being supported by experts who know what they’re doing.  Furthermore those first few steps they take with you will stay with them forever and they’ll recommend you to others.


Get it wrong and well….


Why it’s important:


It’s important to recognise the journey your customers go on from finding your solution to their problem; trialling; signing up; onboarding; feeling supported; renewing etc


There’s 100’s if not 1000’s of touch points and interactions along the journey and any one (or a combination of a few) has the potential to delight them or make them upset.


  • Signing up for a free trial but never receive the login details

  • MIS integrations that confuse them and take weeks

  • Looking for a case study relevant to them but can’t navigate your website

  • Getting a support query resolved within an hour


Make it the most delightful and pain free experience and you’ll have strong advocates who’ll stay with you and help grow your business


What we’ll do:


  • I’ll review the ‘customer research’ phase  - where they’re discovering you, but you may not know them yet!

  • I’ll work with you and your teams to understand how you see the journey and start to map it out

  • I’ll interview your customers to understand their view of the journey

  • I’ll interview past customers to understand why they left


We’ll have a workshop(s) to review the journey and map on ‘feelings’ and ‘opportunities’

I’ll create a report with your journey mapped out and your customers feelings throughout the journey; identify your pain points and make recommendations for improvement.


You might want to leave it there…


or I can work with your teams to:

  • help implement the improvements

  • review changes with your customers

  • work with your marketing team to map the journey into your CRM

  • identify data triggers for automated communications