Developing an IT Strategy

A well structured IT strategy can help drive technological change within your school. However it’s important to start with your curriculum and “Why”.


It could be that you’ve developed a creative curriculum or put enquiry at the heart of your curriculum that will help you to identify where technology can play a part and from there the technology resources you need.


It could be a focus towards a 1:1 device strategy, banks of tablets between year groups, IT hubs for shared use around the school. As a school leader it’s important to have a vision for the use of ICT across your school and how you see that sitting within your overall school improvement plan.


A clear IT strategy will help you focus limited financial resources in the right area, it’s too easy to be reactive to broken printers, laptops etc without taking a step back and evaluating the a) the need b) how does that resource fit into your strategy.


The NAACE Self Review Framework provides a useful structure for developing a baseline of your current approach to IT across the school, creating your new strategy and for reviewing progress. Ultimately you might want to work towards the ICT Mark and the SRF is a key tool in that journey.


What we’ll do:

  • We’ll start with identifying what you’ve got and how your using it today

  • Identify some of the challenges of your current provision and what it prevents you from achieving

  • Look at your curriculum and the opportunities you provide and the opportunities you’d like to provide

  • Review school admin, communication, collaboration processes – this can be a significant area for lots of schools to improve how they work and save valuable time

  • Involve your school community in what they like and don’t like about your current IT


Working together we’ll create a draft strategy for discussion and improvement, often this comes out of a series of workshops / discussions with key stakeholders. However we’ll build a process that works best for you.


Your outcome:

A well structured strategy to guide your development